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What a decade! Makes me wonder, what’s to come?


2010. Failure first got to me. I was in class 11th. Failure, it brings a choice. To try and stay there escaping from it, or to reinvent your path to success. Or perhaps, it makes you see for the first time. Frankly, it depends a lot on context. And I have been seeing a lot of failure since then. What I realized was that it’s not the failures that hurt the most, but it’s the greed to see success without one. Might seem irrelevant but gets more relevant, the bigger, the better you try to create. But this is not about success or failure. This is about history. This is about memories, experience, people and ideas. This is about life. And like my buddy Bueller puts it;

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

– Ferris Bueller

Somewhere in the middle of the decade is when it really got interesting. Zombieland literally spelt out what Bueller meant when he was talking about “life moving pretty fast”. That is my favourite rule. Rule number 37. “Enjoy the little things” (Zombieland). Haven’t seen the new one though. But it’s one of those to-do items in my list, that I am really looking forward to.

A couple of weeks back, I was following my train of thoughts. I was contemplating on the distinction between meditation, creativity, realization, hallucination and existence. And it turns out, I have a capacity for following the thoughts, but perhaps loosing it somewhere between the hazy borders of these dimensions. Not good. You can’t make a good teacher with that. That’s the whole job. Not adding to it but clearing the haze. And I better work on it. So do you, if you don’t want to go insane. That’s when the rule helps. And I have a feeling I’ll need it a lot more in the next decade than I do need it now. 😉

I follow my train of thoughts often. I think that’s just a property of existence. That’s where the function converges. If you choose not to be affected by what and how things happen with you but stay aware of it and the why of it. Not implying that it’s easy or that it’s not a privilege by any measure. But that’s what evolution taught us. Lowest latency intelligence of the human body is the reflex. Someone told me to never underestimate nature. And I don’t. So, I followed my thoughts. A weird thing happens further you follow the thoughts. As your existence flies by you, the things that you usually think would have mattered initially didn’t always matter that much. There was always an outlier or few. But then again, this whole world is one big swirling vortex of entropy. Maybe nothing matters or maybe everything matters. Wait! Where was I?

Oh yeah, by not speaking statistically and by avoiding the math, I can say with fair confidence that this decade was just as defining for you as it was for me. If you spent the decade following your thought, then probably you too have more questions now, and lesser answers than a decade back, when the world seemed a lot simpler and existence were distinct from experience. So here’s a thought I leave you guys with. My favourite of all that come and go.

When thoughts meet the soul, it becomes an art. When art meets sound, it becomes music. When music meets science, it becomes a mantra. True art is what happens when you meet your soul. An artist pours his soul to create. They said only God can create. Did he create your soulmate to show you his science? Or did you create science to see his art? Maybe God just poured his soul in science. Or maybe, he’s just an art. #MusicIsJustMyMantra

Makes me wonder, what will we create? And I hope Bueller stays by our side for as long as it should. Remember, there’s no other way, but to be okay! The real question is, how soon do you really want it?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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