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The only way to be certain of the future is to create it. A surer way is to condemn it.


What do we really know about the past, other than the fact that it is not the present? The ghosts of the past do haunt, but not more than the ghosts of the future’s past. Amidst it all, somewhere in the present, we end up becoming what we condemn the most. If at all there was a manifestation of what we must call the collective consciousness, I think of it as the society. For we humans are social animals. Albeit ones who wandered far too deep into the woods that bear the tree of life. In the search for the elixir to create that which we don’t seek, we create monsters far too hollow to have a soul. Welcome to capitalism. The unsaid religion of the 21st century. And much like any religion, it too finds it’s light in the joy and darkness in plight. Whose is the light and whose is the joy, may not always be same. And just like any religion, questions in favour are encouraged more so than those not so much.

My dad grew up with the imagery of flying cars, personal robots, and space. Around the time when part of the world celebrated the arrival of first transistors, a part of the world saw what George Orwell saw. Everyone gave it their own label. For labels, they sure are dime a dozen. And Orwellian dystopia was born. However, the big money was not in flying cars, personal robots, and space. That was a toy for the corporates and government. And they remained only at the forefront of the best notebooks that existed. Scientists had solved the science but were limited by the awareness of applications. It took half a century to perfect the art just enough, for his son to dream of same. 50 years. That’s what it had taken for religion to bless it. It’s truly capitalism that solves problems. Not bare metal mathematics. That’s where the latency is. The gap in estimation. Always a variable or two that screw up the projections. For humans, are unpredictable. Society is. Nature more so. Things take their natural course.

It’s egotistical to pull one over the chaos. Not to say that one won’t succeed. But the odds, are never in your favour.

Maybe that’s where the religion went wrong. If you define philosophy and ethics, being researched and communicated, to model better consensus and prosperity in society, as the right thing to do. Unfortunately, only places philosophy and ethics deliver prosperity are in the scammer’s pocket. While the rest of humanity gloats at the marvel it created of never truly solving a problem but transferring it from one to another. To survive a generation or few. Capitalism is yet to bless humanity beyond the tree of its life. The STEM. It had always been a good friend of religion. For the smartest of all, who create the existence in their own image, till the point where the creation exceeds the creator. Capitalism’s newest rebound is the STEM. And I feel it’s about time. We are in desperate need of some of the fruits to bear, to come to clean up the mess that we have left on the planet in the name of existence. But are we truly solving a problem, or stalling it long enough for our future generations to come to clean up the mess? What do we really know about the future?

Rejoice for those around us who transform into the Force. Mourn them, do not. Miss them, do not. Attachment leads to jealousy, the shadow of greed, that is.

– Master Yoda

I am glad. If capitalism is what it takes to build one big consensus in the name of humanity, then why not? I’ll tell you why! For our species has constantly mistaken silence for peace. So if you don’t like an omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient eye, watching and weaving your thread, what better options are there that work? We certainly have shunned the good old philosophy and ethics of society and self, out of the church of capitalism. Not because the pundits hated them or were scared, but simply because there was no room. I believe, it amounts to insignificant, if not for non-existent. Left in dark, it looks at capitalism, like that crush of yours, who never knew you existed. And so, it had been shunned. Is Orwellian dystopia really that distant, given that ethics are mere laughingstock, and philosophy the spoilt brat, that drains daddy’s account, little by little and then some more? Much like any religion, you are left fighting wars of your forefathers. And generations of martyrs die to raise another generation. There is the war for power, and then there is the war on ideas.

The very fabric of education is always an afterthought. The fabric that produces the leaders for all. Education was always intended to be bipartisan. Education belonged to no school of soil or thought.

I was talking to my friend about the things we do and the things we don’t. The things we thought, we won’t. We realized how the only thing we truly can change; is the way we react to what happened. For everything else, we can only try. The only way to be certain of the future is to create it. A surer way is to condemn it. That’s the sole reason why we are plagued with the 7 deadly sins. As self and as a society. Trapped in the devil’s loop. So, we went looking in the giving forest, to break out of this damnation.  It turns out, all you need is some good old cheat codes. The awareness of ones, that lure you into avoiding the seven. That in turn, feed on the seven. Till the seven become you. Attachment, fear, jealousy, and it’s unholy child; insecurity. Welcome to the 21st century. Where societies clash fueled by the insecurity of their identities, fighting wars of our forefathers who are long gone, in a space where corporations have more power than the government. With the long lost art of listening, darkness creeps into self from the very fabric of society. Slowly but steadily, you become what you condemn the most.

So, we went looking …

… for the divine conversation

It turns out we were too close to the blue pixel to see the big picture. An eternal divine conversation, echoing through space. What do we really know about the present?

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