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Dumb Comedy – Existentialism for 21st century!


Yup! That’s exactly what it sounds like. I root for Ross. I root for JD. I root for Marshall. I root for Leonard. I root for Phil. In ways all so different, yet so similar. But their plight representing what has been the biggest bug yet not patched in the society that the history shall refer to as the fall of education and its place in our society. The outlier, the dumb one, the geek. The carpets. Today, we are all out on our water coolers and balconies, talking about what is and what isn’t, as we explore the fundamentals of what all these philosophers left for us to think over. The thin lines between proposals, law, ethics, experience and philosophy. The agents of creation. Yet the dumb ones stay relentless. Clearing the haze for who are yet to come. The adorable ones.

Now, why am I even talking about it? It’s because that’s perhaps the only thing I agree on with a lot of people. Everything else is a horror story when you stretch it out to the order of decades. And the whole point of “New Year – New Me” thing, is to retrospect on what was, of what we created, to map how , of what we will create. Isn’t it so? It’s important to have your whys in order, or like the old man puts it, “Get your priorities straight”. This little nugget has been written by a Certified Scrum Master 😉. If you don’t get what any of that is, then you are one lucky bastard! In a nutshell, it means consensus is tricky.

There’s a saying that goes, “Teacher presents itself when the student is ready”. There’s another one that goes by like “There is no knowledge without the teacher”. But the thing about the teacher, is that it’s truly formless. This has perhaps been one of my biggest learnings in this decade.

And if you don’t believe the whole horror story bit, try and look around with what’s happening with democracies around the globe. Not just the democracies of people and government, but the democracies of corporations and government, and the corporations and people. Don’t even get me started with the last one. Socrates hated democracies, and for all the good reasons. The bug, it’s pushing us further and further to prove the old fellow right. But there’s a ray of hope too. War on ego and ignorance is on all fronts. Hardest of them all is the one you have with yourself. Conflicts often birth art. Artists exploring this existence are leading the change, reaching out to millions in ways more profound than any policy ever implemented by any institution. And people are finding art in all sorts of things. We have been so busy looking for these monsters and heroes in our electronics powered algebraic intelligence (God damn Electricity as a Service) and whatnots, that we forgot who we really are, and how we create these monsters and heroes every day. Not everyone’s a monster. But everyone can be, just like we can all be heroes. It’s frankly a privilege to not see the things people do with other people, and their data, and yet somehow find worse monsters and better heroes in the world created out of entropy of the pixels that flash in our eyes, charging our wallets. Every month. The same day, same time. Exercising it for when it matters is not something we do often with our privilege. It is a choice.

Not to say that it’s bad to have the privilege. Aren’t we all a bit beyond what’s good and what’s evil at this point! What truly matter’s, is what you make out of it? Isn’t that what war is all about? Absolute ruthless calculus of survival and submission. We work to feed our self and our families. To get an occasional drink or few. And the age-old adage, “Who saves the hero?”.

I feel the same about the content in general. Perhaps that’s where the memes help. Rule number 37. “Enjoy the little things” (Zombieland). That’s why we love/hate dumb comedy. Not because it’s too easy, but because it’s the hardest of them all. To exercise your privilege for avoiding insanity. To live and fight another day for what it has all been about. A constant reminder from the history, that was and will always be written by victors. What you do tomorrow, will be the part of history the day after.

You can be a monster or a hero. You can be both and you can be neither. Just don’t be an asshole to the ones who chose different, and we’ll all sitback to watch this little documentary playback a decade from now. Don’t forget the rule. And be careful when you break it. Some rules are made of glass, not rubber.

For me, entertainment is supposed to entertain as it says so. Not remind me of the reality I took a break from. The heist of a heist of a heist of a heist. So, whenever the anxiety kicks in, I take a deep breath, and just ask myself; What would Phil Dunphy do? I learn from the master. And then get back to the what and the how.

Pro tip: Leave the whys only to holidays. And remember, nothing good ever happens after 2 AM. You’d have to be a PhD in sitcoms to get the last whole part, so if you do; be kind and pass it along. 😉

I finally got my hands on Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard. Will go through it over the holidays, hoping to clear some haze. Also, what’s your take on the Rick and Morty show and existentialism?

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