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Personal blog (by @harshjoshiblog on Instagram) at I share my journey of exploring music, time and existence on this blog. So much has happened, so much is yet to happen. Existence amazes me.


Teachings of the mirror

There’s a saying that goes, “Teacher presents itself when the student is ready”. There’s another one that goes by like “There is no knowledge without the teacher”. But the thing about the teacher is that it’s truly formless. This has perhaps been one of my biggest learnings in this decade. – I mentioned it in one of my previous blog posts. To be honest, I look forward to the day when I...

Figuring things out, one book at a time.

When put into hindsight, there is no other way, but to be okay. Some experiences define you, some refine you. All of them teach you. And just like Nada Surf once said, always love, hate will get you every time! Maybe that’s what Buddha was talking about with the whole forgiveness thing, albeit in a much more minimalistic fashion. That’s what the Heart Sutra is about perhaps (have only...

The only way to be certain of the future is to create it. A surer way is to condemn it.

What do we really know about the past, other than the fact that it is not the present? The ghosts of the past do haunt, but not more than the ghosts of the future’s past. Amidst it all, somewhere in the present, we end up becoming what we condemn the most. If at all there was a manifestation of what we must call the collective consciousness, I think of it as the society. For we humans are social...

Debauchery, in the name of existence!

History. Sound. Ideas. What do they have in common? Cycles. Periodicity is the fundamental property of existence. It’s almost scary how these alternating cycles of peace and violence manifest, no matter how hard we try and escape it. There is no trough without a crest. It’s not without merit for sure. How would you even appreciate existence if not for the voids that exist? Between all that is and...

Dumb Comedy – Existentialism for 21st century!

Yup! That’s exactly what it sounds like. I root for Ross. I root for JD. I root for Marshall. I root for Leonard. I root for Phil. In ways all so different, yet so similar. But their plight representing what has been the biggest bug yet not patched in the society that the history shall refer to as the fall of education and its place in our society. The outlier, the dumb one, the geek. The carpets...

What a decade! Makes me wonder, what’s to come?

2010. Failure first got to me. I was in class 11th. Failure, it brings a choice. To try and stay there escaping from it, or to reinvent your path to success. Or perhaps, it makes you see for the first time. Frankly, it depends a lot on context. And I have been seeing a lot of failure since then. What I realized was that it’s not the failures that hurt the most, but it’s the greed to see success... Student for life. Student of life.
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