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Hi, my name is Harsh Joshi. I have been involved with students, and been one, for over 8 years. In mathematics, design, technology, products and policies. Over the past 7 years, I have been engaged in academics, research & development, operations and management. Been observing the world and self, trying to phrase my conjectures better.

My portfolio attempts to shares some excerpts from limited experience of leading teams that develop IoT and AI solutions. With a Bachelors degree for Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I have been volunteering with NEFORD, Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (Regional Research Station – Lucknow) for 4+ years. I worked with Smart Joules for my day job for 3.5 years, where I got to save the planet for a living. Designing AI products that leverage IoT and digital signal processing, in tandem with operational policies.

After having worked with the students, farmers, scientists, NGOs and agriculture researchers to deliver pilot for using a low-cost AI & Embedded systems to desalinate the soil for the first 2 years of my careers, I joined Smart Joules as one of the first engineers/developers they hired to help with the energy management challenge. Over the course of 3.5 years (2016 – 2020), I led the team that delivered the product (A cloud system, IoT Controllers, Machine Learning engine and functional Apps/Dashboards) with iterative testing and release at pilot sites in Delhi. DeJoule rolled out to over 10+ cites, helping save over 30% of energy consumption from major hospital chains in India while providing critical comfort and reliability.

A bit of an academic mutt, my true education has happened while working with teams. Trying to make a difference. I gradually transitioned from research and development to engineering to leadership, where I built the team from recruitment to upskilling and helping in nurturing the new leaders for the organization. Working on a shoestring budget, we innovated to build capacity in the team through a skill development program at universities called JouleLabs which is now at 5 colleges and led the project with MoU being delivered between Smart Joules and university in under 2 months from program idea conception. Built the support process and product management process in the organization and brought down the turn around times for supports significantly.

In a nutshell, I had the previlige to explore, define and work towards solving real problems. Have experienced the process of delivering success stories and leadership in agriculture, energy and education, and in a way I specialized in building and nurturing ecosystems in these space. Though in all fairness, these are only the fanciest of the highlights. While learning to teach and solving industrial challenges, I got stumped more times than I succeeded. But helped me internalize and learn a lot of things. Most of what I learnt experientially, I failed to find in many books and conferences. Have never really been a fan of traditional exams and learning, not that I don’t see value in it. Just has never been my taste. But now that I am getting more clarity on my conjecture, a lot of thoughts have been flying by in my head as I read, meet and learn from people and ideas shaping this century of miracles.

Fair to say, I hold a dear place in my heart for education. It came from a place of resentment from the discomfort caused by percieved flaws once. As I have grown to notice and embrace the imperfection in me, I am more greatful for the role that education plays in our life. JouleLabs is a platform I created at Smart Joules to scale the efforts to provide similar opportunities to the ones who were in place where most of us are/were sometimes. In turn, the students have helped us scale the development efforts.

We are yet to gain the rigourous understanding of the fundamental nature of causality and entropy. We have only begun scrapping the concept of cooperation in the age of network and information. Somewhere down the decade of sustainability 2020 – 2030, I hope to seek a better understanding of these two aspects of existence.

Having worked for 4+ years with agriculture, energy and education space, I witnessed the great potential for technology, design and policies, in eliminating operational inefficiencies in the path of major sustainability goals. I also witnessed firsthand the gaps in our capabilities as a whole as well as in my own skills. So much has happened and so much is yet to happen. I am taking my observations from all these experiences to explore my passion further. is a platform that enables me to articulate the ramblings of my inner monologues. RawThoughts is a public notebook of select monologues on my website. @harshjoshiblog on Instagram & Blog on, is a personal journey of exploring music, time and existence. Connect with me here. #MusicIsJustMyMantra and I do my best thinking while walking. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Student for life. Student of life.
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